Oxy-View is closed (out of business) as of June 30, 2023.  All orders received will be shipped and we will continue to offer support for our customers.  Any questions or additional support please call 877-699-8439.  Thank you to all our customers.  

Additional # 303-768-8681.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I purchase my Oxy-View frames?

Oxy-View frames may be purchased directly from Oxy-View, Inc., your eye-care professional, or your oxygen supplier.

How do I know which size frame to get?

Take the Oxy-View specification sheet to your eye care professional. Ask him or her to help you select the size that best suits your face and accommodates your lens prescription. You may also use the Oxy-View Fitting Guide. 

Are the Oxy-View frames shipped with my prescription lenses installed?

No. Oxy-View frames are shipped with clear plastic lenses. You will need to purchase your prescription or sunglass lenses from your eye care professional.

Where can I fill my prescription?

Most eye care specialists are happy to fit your prescription lenses for you.

Are the styles available in different sizes?

No. The sizes are currently tied to the styles. This means that each style listed is only available in that particular size.

Are plastic frames available?

No. The available frames are manufactured using metal tubing.

How much do the frames weigh?

The Oxy-View frames weigh approximately 1 ounce without lenses installed. Weight will vary with your prescription lens.

How often should I replace the oxygen tubing and nasal prongs for the Oxy-View frames?

Oxy-View recommends that your tubing be replaced every 30-60 days and the nasal prongs be replaced every 14-28 days. However, comfort is best determined by the user. You should replace the nasal prongs and tubing when you feel they are uncomfortable, turn yellow, become brittle, and/or develop a foul oder.

What is the maximum oxygen flow rate when using the Oxy-View frames?

The maximum flow rate when using Oxy-View eyewear is 5 liters per minute. Flow rates may vary when using extended length supply tubing or with some oxygen conserving devices. It is a good practice when using any oxygen delivery system to verify your oxygen saturation levels with a finger pulse oximeter.

Is the double lumen tubing for the Helios and similar devices available from Oxy-View?

Yes. Double and single lumen tubing is available from Oxy-View. Double Lumen Tubing order number is OVDT-3-4 (four foot length). Single Lumen Tubing order number is OVT-3 (eight foot length). Other sizes are also available.

Why do the rubber seals fall out of the hinges?

The rubber seals are tapered inside for a better fit.  If the seal does not stay in place, turn the seal around so the small end (inside diameter) fits on to the the seal post. Be sure to do this when installing new seals as well.  You should notice a difference in the tightness of the fit from one side to the other of the seal.

Will Medicare or my insurance company cover the cost of the frames?

Medicare will not pay for the frames. Some individual vision plans may cover the cost of the frames and/or the lenses. For particular benefits, please contact your insurance carrier.

Should I have my oxygen saturation levels checked while using the Oxy-View frames?

Yes. Anytime you change oxygen delivery devices it is recommended that your levels be checked under conditions of rest and activity to ensure that you maintain adequate oxygen saturations. This order will need to come from your doctor.

Can I return the glasses if I don’t like them?

If purchased directly from Oxy-View, you have thirty days to exchange the Oxy-View frames for color or style. The frames may also be returned within this period for a full refund excluding shipping. Note: Oxy-View will not refund the price paid for lenses you purchase from your eye care professional.

What is the warranty period for the Oxy-View frames?

Oxy-View frames carry a one-year warranty for material and workmanship.

Are the Oxy-View frames FDA approved?

Yes, the Oxy-View frames are listed as a Class I medical device with the United States Food and Drug Administration.

How long does it take to ship my frames after I place an order?

If the Oxy-View frame is ordered directly from Oxy-View, Inc., frames will normally be shipped within 24-hours from the time the order is received.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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